Pancake Installation

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PANCAKE PDB like our others devices need some electrical and mechanical abilities.

NAZE32 installation

In package for FC installation are special, low profile pin headers and plug with colourfull wires. Female header should be soldered on PDB and male on NAZE32. Male pins cut with sharp knife, don't break them by hand.


Cut wires on harness for about 15mm long then solder it as described:

  • PDB NAZE32
    G Ground
    4 CH4
    V 5V
    5 CH5
    1 CH1
    8 CH8
    2 CH2
    3 CH3
  • caption
  • caption
  • RC Link

    Apart standard PPM radio signal Pancake PDB can handle Spektrum Satellite receivers (with dedicated 3v3 regulator) or S.BUS receivers (with buildin hardware inverter) via RX.


    S.BUS or Spektrum receiver can be selected with SJ5 jumper on bottom of PDB (center PAD with left or right dependig receiver).

    5V BEC

    There is only one thing- jumper 5V SOURCE. INT when using internal 5V linear regulator or EXT when 5V source is connected on BEC PAD.


    12V BEC (option)

    Pancake can handle battery packs up to 4S but some equipments installed on it not. For this is a space for step-down regulator. Best choice is POLOLU D24V10F12 and it can be directly connected to PDB. Second option is cheap buck from China: Adjustable Step Down. In this case required is adjust output voltage before use.


    With step-down installed on board short SJ3 jumper like this:


    Without step-down like this:


    FPV Section

    Pancake PDB have dedicated OSD (ordered separately) and it installation is very simple- just solder it on the bottom on PDB:


    After soldering OSD short jumper SJ2 on top:


    On the top is connector named "GPS OSD"- this connector is for speed reading from GPS and it comes only to OSD. With this connector PancakeOSD can be programmed.

    Camera and VTX connection